Deep Red Sport Aluminum Fountain Pen, Medium Nib by Kaweco Germany RETURN

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$ 50.00 $ 80.00

CUSTOMER RETURN IN BOX. TESTED. Has ink cartridge installed.

loc G0622A

Just like your written words, this pen has a message, too: The Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen in the Deep Red version is elegant and confident – with every single stroke.

The metallic body is made of high-quality aluminum and grants a unique haptic experience. Its fine surface imparts elegance.

This pocket fountain pen only measures 4.1" when closed and is, therefore, a perfect everyday carry item. When the cap is mounted, the pen grows to a standard size of 5.1" Thanks to its lightweight and small size, it’s a great pen for on the go.

Ink Cartridges are available here.
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KaWeCo was founded in Heidelberg, Germany in 1883.  In the 1930s the firm developed the classic Sport lines of pens, known for their octagonal shapes.