IZDATGLAZ Monochromatic Glass Circular Centerpiece by Orfeo Quagliata

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IZDATGLAZ Monochromatic Glass Circular Centerpiece by Orfeo Quagliata

Shimmering patches of color to adorn your interiors. The applied coating to the glass has a wonderful way of showing the random undulations and depressions within the finished artwork. 

IZDATGLAZ is also available as wall art.

This item is made to order and considered a special order. Custom sizing and designs are possible. Some variations in size and color are to be expected; each piece is unique. 

Sizes (approx):
Small: 18"
Medium: 25"
Big: 30"
Additional shipping charges may apply.

Note: Some images are for color options only.  Overall color and reflection can change with different light and angles.

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About the Artist:

Orfeo Quaglata resides in Mexico City.  Trained and the California College of the Arts, Orfeo hails from a long family tradition of artists.  His father, Narcissus Quagliata, is one of the world's foremost glass artists, and designer of the largest illuminated dome, located in Taiwan.  His gradmother was a jeweler with the Weiner Werkstatte.

Orfeo has a focus on new techniques and forms.  His 'boiled glass' technique, seen in his Jimmiz Brains series, is unique and are most of his techniques. In 2022 he was named "Most Passionate" in a campaign by Don Julio Tequila.  A true artist, Orfeo's biography (if attemped) would be a lengthy tome.


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