Volumes Pot, 9.4" by Piet Boon for Serax

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$ 225.00

Volumes Pot, 9.4" by Piet Boon for Serax

The Volumes collection by Piet Boon was created by experimenting with different thicknesses and heights found repeatedly in commercial vases. Volumes fulfill an important function: they keep the flowers or plants in the right place. The earthy color palette allows the vases to mix and match with different sizes and colors.

This INDOOR pot is treated with a thin waterproof coating on the inside, but this does not guarantee 100% watertightness. Therefore, we recommend not to plant directly in the pot, but to place the plant in a plastic pot + saucer or use a plastic bag on the inside. Cracks can form if the plant is planted directly in the pot.

Measurements: 9.4" H x 11.2" W

Material: Stoneware

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Piet Boon began his career as a building contractor after his studies at the technical school in Amsterdam, but he would soon evolve into a high-profile Dutch designer. Today, Studio Piet Boon is an internationally operating total concept design com-pany, where a team of architects, stylists and design professionals is continuously driven to exceed expectations, to stay true to the studio’s reputation as the most renowned Dutch design studio in the world.