Waterford crystal glasses are deeply rooted in Irish glass-making traditions that have spanned time since the Iron Age—approximately 500 B.C. As a company with more than two centuries of heritage, Waterford is the culmination of endless refinement and commitment to the craft. Each piece is mouth-blown and hand-cut by skilled artisans. Own distinctive crystal glassware, and keep it in the family for generations to come.

Handcrafted Crystal Glassware

Waterford was established by brothers William and George Penrose in 1789. They had a dream to "create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home." From Aras to Cluin to Irish Dogs, Waterford crystal glasses reveal their vision is a success. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with each Waterford collection to see what makes these pieces so special.

Gems Waiting to Be Discovered

Our inventory is extensive, to say the least. If you’re not quite sure where to start, please get in touch so our specialists can guide you on your journey. While you simply can’t go wrong with any Waterford glassware, we have many other glassware options available from brands worldwide. Browse around to find the glasses that speak to you.