Adorned Sacred Heart with Cross by Lisa Carrier Designs

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Lisa Carrier Designs

Adorned Sacred Heart by Lisa Carrier Designs

The Sacred Heart is one of the strongest symbols in Christianity.  Representing faith, hope, and charity, the heart is also a symbol of love. Sacred Hearts were often used as Memento Mori of the passing of one's closest companions. 

Lisa Carrier's sacred hearts come in variety of styles.

Limited stock available. Many of these items are unique- we will confirm availability upon order or contact us directly. Some versions will be at increased pricing.

Due to the handmade nature and use of natural materials there are variations from piece to piece.

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Lisa Carrier is a California-based artist.  Known for a plethora of creative objects, Ms. Carrier got her real break from Cherilynn Sarkisian (a.k.a Cher) who informed her (we paraphrase) "Honey, you better start making candles" after she finished a decorating job at her house and presented the star with one.  

$ 160.00