Antique Japanese Celadon Cherry Blossom Cloisonne Vase by Ando Jubei Studio

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Antique Japanese Celadon Cherry Blossom Vase by Ando Jubei Studio

What is more beautiful than cherry blossoms in the Spring? This vase was made by skilled artisans at the Ando Jubei Studio in the eally 20th Century. The most beautiful part for us, however, is the subtle shading on the vase's stylized branches.

Difficult to produce and highly collectible, cloisonne is an ancient technique that uses thin silver wire (or similar) which is then filled with enamel and fired.*  Jubei production is in a number of museums.  The firm is one of the few traditional Japanese cloisonne firms with current production.

This piece measures 6" and has metal mounts are the lip and base.  The bottom mount is marked.

* Some cloisonne techniques remove the wire before firing.  This was not done on this piece.

$ 495.00