Art Glass Vase by Kate Hume for When Objects Work

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When Objects Work

Art Glass Vase by Kate Hume for When Objects Work

Bold organic shapes characterize Hume's work, with an emphasis on jewel?bright colour. Each "Pebble/Caillou" is handmade, and unusually for glass, has an obvious 'touch' of the hand in its gentle form.

Caillou (small, sold as a set of 3): 5.9" x 4.3"
   available in transparent, gold/bottlegreen/cognac and grass green/blue green/lime
Pebble (medium): 10.6" x 7.9" x 7.5"h
Rock (large): 11.8" x 13" x 12.2"h

This item generally has a 4-6 week delivery time when not in stock.

Based in Amsterdam, British interior designer Kate Hume is renowned for creating thoughtful, luxurious interiors worldwide. Her projects celebrate Kate’s signature flair for scale, texture and color.

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when objects work is a company based in Belgium, editing and distributing exclusive objects, designed by leading architects & designers whose work shares a preoccupation with simple forms, usefulness and timeless idiom. All objects are made with authentic materials and craftsmanship.

$ 576.00
Gold/Bottle Green/Cognac
Grass Green/Blue Green/Lime
Night Blue
Dark Grey/Green
Lime Green
Forest Green
Bottle Green
Black - Brown