Blossom Oval Crudite Stainless Tray, 13" x 4.25" by Mary Jurek Design

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Blossom Oval Crudite Stainless Tray, 13" x 4.25" by Mary Jurek Design

$ 80.00

Blossom Oval Stainless Tray, 13" x 4.25" by Mary Jurek Design

Blossom Free Form Oval Tray comes in handy when setting out your favorite bread, grissini, or crackers. Always the perfect relish tray for party entertaining. Handy at your everyday table or party. Handcrafted and never needs polishing.

Perfect for crudite and appetizers.

Dimensions: 13" x 4.25" x 1.25"

Care: Dishwasher Safe. Salad servers, etc. sold separately

Hand-hammered design,100% Quality Guaranteed

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About the Company and Designer:
Mary Jurek Design, Inc. is an LA-based design company that creates handmade stainless steel tableware and giftware which is sought after, displayed and used daily in homes worldwide.  Admired for its unique style, classic minimalism and functional design, the products are recognized for their generous weight, lustrous finish and ease of care.  The iconic stainless steel designs are dishwasher safe, food safe, sustainable and enduring.

Known for clean lines and bold shapes, the products addresses today’s lifestyle trends and deliver the best in modern design.  The timeless appeal of hand wrought metal with hammered organic texture continues to drive the success of the Mary Jurek Design brand. Mary Jurek Design is celebrated as the best handmade stainless steel brand in the USA and recipient of five ADEX Platinum Awards for Design Excellence.



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