Bod Clear Glass Bottle, 9.1" by Matti Klenell for Kosta Boda

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Kosta Boda
$ 150.00

From the Bod Collection...

A piece of art that stands grounded in every home, Bod features a sheer and tall shape, like a tall wineglass that balances confidently while its bowl captures the play of light. Handmade in Kosta, Sweden and designed by Matti Klenell, this clear glass bottle on a foot can be used as a decorative object, container, or vase.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: 9.1" H x 4.9" W
  • Material:¬†Glass
  • The removable cork is included.

About the Designer

Matti Klenell, born 1972, is a well-known designer who has been acclaimed for his innovative contributions to the evolution of the Scandinavian design tradition. Matti's work is always based on thorough research, including an analysis of need, the target group and the purpose of the task and product. He then usually creates a large quantity of sketches, prototypes and models before achieving the optimal result. His carefully designed products are characterized by form, function, character and personality.

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