Botany Bay Perfume, GPS 26’ 3”E, 100 ml by Haeckels

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Botany Bay Perfume, GPS 26’ 3”E, 100 ml by Haeckels

$ 168.00 $ 210.00

A fascinating foray into the perfume of terroir, Botany Bay parfum is based on the smells of a bay near Kent, England surrounded by chalk cliffs.  Popular with tourists and as a film location,  this scent is of the sea, grass and ozone of the surrounding area after a light rain.

Top: light, elegant citrus
Heart: fresh ozone
Base: subtle green green floral

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About the Company:
Haeckels is named after Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), a German biologist. Located in Margate, UK, Haeckels has been developing products utilizing locally found ingredients while focused on supporting the community and environmental efforts. Haeckels is also focused on sustainability, and much of their packaging is designed for re-use.

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