Burly Super Smooth Ginger Beer Syrup

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Burly Super Smooth Ginger Beer Syrup

$ 24.99
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What's the deal with Burly's Real Deal Root Beer Syrup?

It's made with all of the roots, barks, twigs and leaves that a real root beer should be made from...real foods, with no chemical preservatives, food dye, extracts or refined sugars. Just the Real Deal y'all! Turns out, root beer is really fun to have in syrup form! You can sweeten your coffee, oatmeal, plain yogurt or use it for baking, home made whipped cream, marinades, etc! Get some! 

These 16oz bottles will make 16-20 sodas and up to 32 cocktails!

16 Fl. Oz

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Burly Beverages is a small family company based in Sacramento, California. Their syrups are designed using quality ingredients, locally-sourced produce, and REAL sweeteners. While sugar is sugar, and should always be consumed in moderation, the sugars and sweeteners used in these elixirs are in their rawest forms and retain all of their nutritional elements. Sodas and soft drinks were, at one time in our history, found in pharmacies across the nation. The original "sodas" may have been recommended by physicians and pharmacists alike in order to ease certain ailments. Burly Beverages is committed to aligning itself with these principles. 

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