Carrara 5 PPS by Coline Le Corre for Vista Alegre

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Vista Alegre
$ 216.00

Carrara, named after the famous Italian marble, features contrasting patterns of marble. Marble's inherent patterns are fairly random yet the designer uses contrast of shading and color within a geometric matrix to make her point. 

Neo-classical style forms of the dinnerware make Carrara an elegance service for the home. 

A 2017 design award nominee, Carrara has gold accents and is not for use in the microwave.  It is suggested to hand wash this item or to minimize contact with abrasive cleaning agents.

Includes: 1 Dinner Plate, 1 Dessert Plate, 1 Bread and Butter Plate, 1 Tea Cup, and 1 Saucer.

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