Charcoal Soap by Mayron's Goods

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Charcoal Soap by Mayron's Goods

$ 15.00

This Activated Charcoal soap, with Bentonite Clay, besides looking like the coolest bar of soap in your bathroom, does tons. It’s great for problem skin, drawing out impurities, fighting acne, great for oily skin. 

Bentonite Clay is full of minerals that help detox and nourish your skin. All in all this bar is a wonder, and the result is a very deep cleansing.

Hand Cut.

85% Organic

3″ x 2 3/4″ x 1 1/4″

5 oz.

Family owned and operated by Melanie Mayron (also an Emmy winner) and her chemist father, David Mayron. Together they make fantastic creams in unassuming packing.  A portion of the sales of this product is donated by Mayron's to Women's Health Research.

The Mayron's Goods Brand can be accessed here


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