Che Fico! (Fig Garden) Liquid Soap by Laboratorio Olfattivo

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Che Fico! (Fig Garden) Liquid Soap by Laboratorio Olfattivo

$ 36.00
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An immersive and inspiring fig, revealed in all its nuances: vegetal, milky and woody. A contemporary scent with green and fresh notes, like a journey to the heart of a Mediterranean garden.

The soaps of Laboratorio Olfattivo are ecological soaps, rich of vegetable oils. They are made from renewable resources, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, without the use of synthetic surfactants.

500 ml.

About the Company:
The story of Laboratorio Olfattivo is a story of a project born in 2009 from Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago’s love for niche perfumes. Made in Italy, the full product line includes sprays, diffusers, soaps and eau de parfum.

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