Circle of Life Menorah, 20.25" L by Nima Oberoi Lunares CLEARANCE

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Circle of Life Menorah, 20.25" L by Nima Oberoi Lunares CLEARANCE

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Circle of Life Menorah by Nima Oberoi Lunares CLEARANCE

The terms “celebration”and “renewal” reflect Judaism’s positive perspective on the unending circle of life from conception through death and back again to life through the continuity of the generations. Our elegant and timeless O Candle Menorah is inspired by this concept of the inevitability and renewal of the "Circle of Life". Light up your Hanukkah candles and add a touch of glamour and soul to your festivities with our gold menorahs. 

A limited amount of the O /Circle of Life Menorahs are available for purchase.

Lunares is donating 100% of the sale of this item to support religious freedom and Jewish interfaith work. 

Size: 20.25";L6.5";H2"W 
Finish: Gold

Based out of San Francisco, California, Indian-born designer Nima Oberoi heads and designs the wildly successful signature home collection, Nima Oberoi-Lunares. Inspired by the artistically progressive city of her birth, Nima is known for her contemporary designs that are luxurious.

Born and raised in Chandigarh, India, Nima can attribute the inspiration of her innovative designs to her culturally rich and architecturally historic birthplace. Located at the base of the Himalayas, the city of Chandigarh is the conceptual creation of the renowned French architect Le Corbusier who was commissioned by Nehru in 1953 to build a temple of modern India. It was here that Nima's talent for combining artistic modernism with the traditional craftsmanship of the past was realized.

In 1986, her fascination with world cultures brought her to the United States. Soon thereafter, the city of San Francisco became her new home. A family-owned business, Lunares is also philanthropic and supports various causes.

Additional Information about this product:

  • Artisan crafted of sand cast aluminum and goldplated, giving each piece an unmistakable gleam of a true precious metal.
  • Given its handmade and hand finished nature, variations in the piece are to be expected and celebrated. No two pieces are exactly alike.
  • Hand wash only with mild soap, water and towel dry. Frequent washing will dull the finish. Not dishwasher safe.
  • The gold plate is a decorative finish and will scratch if not handled properly.
  • Wipe fingerprint smudges with a soft dry cloth.

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