Clay Combi Cup, 9.5 oz. by Thomas

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Clay Combi Cup, 9.5 oz. by Thomas

$ 22.00

Clay Combi Cup, 9.5 oz. by Thomas

Bringing a sense of closeness to nature to the table in a trend-conscious and stylish way, the Clay collection from Thomas captivates with its functionality and the naturalness of stoneware that looks like clay. The grooved structure and the black speckles in the material give the plates and cups an authentic character in a handmade look. The reason for the speckles are small iron inclusions that melt up during firing and thus give the ceramic this special touch.

Dimensions: 9.5 oz. CAP

Material: Stoneware

Care: Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

The Clay Collection is available here .
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