Clover-Cucumber Foot Cream by Mayron's Goods

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Mayron's Goods
$ 24.00

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A cream for the feet. Chances are, once you try it you may want to use this in other places, which you should do with our blessing. Soothing, hydrating, healing organic botanical extracts of calendula, chamomile, rosemary, and essential oils of sunflower and avocado in a shea butter base. Vitamin E is added to rejuvenate. This cream dries quickly and leaves your feet feeling smooth and soft.   A subtle, clover and cucumber scent leaves you with a cool, healing experience...

Enjoy and feel good.

**This item is on back order until about the end of July. **

Paraben Free.

3 oz. tube.

Family owned and operated by Melanie Mayron (also an Emmy winner) and her chemist father, David Mayron. Together they make fantastic creams in unassuming packing.  A portion of the sales of this product is donated by Mayron's to Women's Health Research.

The Mayron's Goods Brand can be accessed here