Coconut Oil Shampoo, 250 ml by D.R. Harris

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Coconut Oil Shampoo, 250 ml by D.R. Harris

$ 26.00

Coconut Oil Shampoo, 250 ml by D.R. Harris

A delicious, coconut scented cream shampoo made with natural oil and suitable for normal to dry hair.

The same formulation as the vintage jar version, this gentle shampoo contains Aloe to nourish the hair for a soft a smooth finish. Unlike most readily available shampoos, however, a lesser amount does the trick with a glorious scent.

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The story of D.R. Harris begins just before 1790 at No. 11 St. James's Street where Harris's Apothecary set up shop. Over the next fifty years the family established a reputation selling Lavender Water, Classic Cologne and English Flower perfumes to this fashionable quarter of London.

One of the proprietors, Henry Harris, was a surgeon, while Daniel Rotely (D. R.) was an early Pharmaceutical Chemist.

For over two centuries this family business in the centre of men's Clubland has served the gentry and the court of St. James's and in 1938 was awarded the warrant as chemists to her Majesty The Queen, later the Queen Mother which was held until her death in 2002. In 2002 they were also appointed as Chemists to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, an honor that was added to in 2012 when they received the Royal Warrant for Her Majesty the Queen.

Today D.R. Harris is still located in their traditional Chemists' shop at 29 St. James's Street. 

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