Denim Dual Hand Oven Mitt by Mi Cocina

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Mi Cocina
$ 57.00
Medium Vintage

Denim Dual Hand Oven Mitt by Mi Cocina

Bring your love of denim into the kitchen with UBi-IND's Mi Cocina collection Dual Hand Denim Oven Mitt.  Made in the USA of Cone White Oak Denim, our oven mitt is perfect for the butcher, baker or candlestick maker on your list.  

100% Cotton Denim, Muslin and Batting

93.75% Polyester/  6.25% Metalized Polyester Insulation (Quilted Areas)

Made in the USA

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UBI-IND is a denim brand created by Ulrich "Ubi" Simpson. Ubi attended the Fashion Institute of technology and began his career with Tommy Hilfiger. He then moved through a who's who of denim brand gods such as Calvin Klein and Levi's. Designed and made in the USA with denim produced in the USA.