Cote Maquis Candle, 10 oz. by L'Objet

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Cote Maquis Candle, 10 oz. by L'Objet

$ 105.00
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Porcelain container with paraffin wax. Single wick.
3.75" h

Maquis is a dense evergreen shrub that grows along the Mediterranean.  In areas such as Corsica, the French island, maquis provides a good portion of the sensual surroundings of the area, with the addition of numerous aromatic plants.

Cote Maquis has a rather complex scent, with a head of salt, body of cashmere wood, and base of labdanum, an ancient resin obtained from cistus shrubs with varied uses from medicine to perfume. Cashmere Wood (Cashmeran) is the main aspect of this warm and comforting scent, with elements of salt, musk, wood, and wet pavement.

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About the Company:
Founded by designer Elad Yifrach in 2004, L'Objet primarily began as a dinnerware brand and has slowly added more interior design and bath elements. The emphasis of L'Objet is on high quality and the telling of a story in each and every product. Our creative director has been supporting Mr. Yifrach and his work since its founding.

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