David Bowie Coloring and Activity Play Book by Matteo Guarnaccia

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Arguably the most colorful of the glam rockers, David Bowie developed a series of personae beyond Ziggy Stardust. Along the way he brought music styles and seminal musicians such as Adrian Belew, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Fripp, Mick Ronson and Carlos Alomar to the attention of the mainstream audiences. 

Whether coloring, perusing, clipping, or posting on the refrigerator, this is a good thing.

pp. 96

53 Color Illustrations, 145 B/W

About the Artist: 
Matteo Guarnaccia (born 1954, Milan) started as one of the leading spirit of the underground movement in Italy. He is one of the few artists who showed a remarkable ability to keep up to date the psychedelic imagery, creating icons that summarize the most essential aspects of a visionary mythology. His human and artistic path reflects some decades of explorations on poetry, liberty & love (terms are minimizing). He’s – alternately and surprisingly – a writer, a painter, an illustrator, a fashion design teacher, an authorithy in history of costumes. He is the author of several books on avantgarde art, fashion and cultural / subcultural  phoenomena. He has written for a wide range of major magazines, notably Vogue, Wired, Rolling Stone, Repubblica, Alias, Elle. Exhibitions of his work have been held in Italy, Holland, Germany, United States, Switzerland and Japan.