American Cotton Denim Pot Holder by Mi Cocina

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American Cotton Denim Pot Holder by Mi Cocina

$ 37.00
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Denim Potholder by Mi Cocina

Bring your love of denim into the kitchen with UBi-IND's Mi Cocina collection Pot Holder. Made in the USA of Cone White Oak Denim, this pot holder is perfect for the butcher, baker or candlestick maker on your list.  

100% Cotton Denim, Muslin and Batting

93.75% Polyester/  6.25% Metalized Polyester Insulation (Quilted Areas)

Made in the USA

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UBI-IND is a denim brand created by Ulrich "Ubi" Simpson. Ubi attended the Fashion Institute of technology and began his career with Tommy Hilfiger. He then moved through a who's who of denim brand gods such as Calvin Klein and Levi's. Designed and made in the USA with denim produced in the USA.

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