Duality Charger Plate, 13" by Vista Alegre

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Duality Charger Plate, 13" by Vista Alegre

$ 177.00
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Duality Charger Plate, 13" by Vista Alegre

Merging Vista Alegre's past with the present, the Duality collection is based on drawings from the late 19th century originating from the Vista Alegre Museum collection. Inspired by both the charm and the dichotomy between opposing natures, this collection portrays the dialectic between reason and emotion, control and explosion, sobriety and excess.

Classic elements prevail on the main faces of its pieces, in white, subtly arranged in a delicate harmony. On the underside, lush flowers burst out, seeking to invade the peace and destabilize the regularity, in a swirl of colors and romantic motifs.

Dimensions: 13" D

The Vista Alegre brand is available here.

The Duality collection is available here.

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