Edo Asparagus Steamer with Basket by Patricia Urquiola for Alessi

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Edo Asparagus Steamer with Basket by Patricia Urquiola for Alessi

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Edo saucepans constitute a blend of different cultural references and formal suggestions  Edo is the former name of Tokyo and the reference to Japan for this project originates from a crockery set that Patricia Urquiola uses in her own kitchen. She purchased
these saucepans in Japan, and their simple, graceful design was the source of inspiration for the Edo series.

The designer's idea was to soften an industrial production project with certain features which would defuse the strict rules set by mass production: in particular, the slight flaring of the pots and the design of the handles recalling ribbons pinned to the body of the pans. The shape of the handles does not at all look as though it has been produced industrially, but instead crafted by hand.

The name Edo also brings to mind the Latin term "edere", in other words "to eat", and it further expresses that encounter between different cultures that has inspired the entire project. The concave shape of the lids and the knob they are fitted with somewhat reminds the observer of a beret sitting on a work surface: a reminder of Patricia Urquiola's Basque origins.

10" x 7" x 10.5"h; 18/10 stainless steel.  Magnetic steel bottom suitable for induction cooking.

The Alessi brand is available here.  

$ 140.40 $ 156.00