Eight & Bob Cap D'Antibes Eau de Toilette

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Eight & Bob
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Eight & Bob Cap D'Antibes Eau de Toilette

For Parisian Parfumier Albert Fouquet, Antibes was heaven. In this charming village on the French Riviera, Albert enjoyed long holidays during the 1930s in the company of the elite of European aristocracy- holidays that extended from spring until the last days of summer. At that time, only a few were privileged enough to enjoy the elegant and ‘discreet luxury’ of spending the summer months on the French Riviera.

Albert dreamt about these summers during the cold Parisian winters. Like any artist who strives for perfection, he spent many weeks delicately crafting a fragrance that captured the essence of his memories of those summer days.

A classic vintage-style scent filled with wood and vanilla.

100ml bottle. 

The Eight and Bob brand is available here.