Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle by Evelyne Prelonge Paris

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Evelyne Prelonge
$ 104.00 $ 131.00

Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle by Evelyne Prelonge

Comfy and cosy never looked or felt better. Tummy aches be gone.

Available in 67 oz. or 27 oz. sizes

Removable cover.

In stock colors may vary; Delivery on out of stock items is generally 2-4 weeks

Evelyne Prelonge is a Paris-based haute couture designer specializing in faux fur.  The company manufactures for many major brands and is known for their quality and design.

Care Instructions:

Dry cleaning or machine wash if clients are careful :

  • Cold water (Wool or Cashmere program)
  • Few detergent and no softener
  • Minimum spinning
  • Drying outside of machine (air drying)
  • Shake when dry, you can brush a little if necessary.

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