Fer a Cheval Dishwashing Liquid, 16.9 oz.

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Fer à Cheval
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Fer a Cheval Dishwashing Liquid

The dishwashing liquid made from Marseille soap combines degreasing efficiency and gentle care for the skin. Its concentrated and Provencal olive-scent formula make your dishes shine without traces.

Its unique allergen-free* formula has been developed to minimize the risks of allergies:

• Made from Marseille soap cooked in cauldrons at the soap factory, well-known for its cleansing, degreasing, hypoallergenic and easily biodegradable properties

• Composition with 99% of ingredients of natural origin without any carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic substances (CMR).

*Allergen-free above the reporting threshold to minimize the risk of allergies.


Only one or two squirts on a sponge or diluted in the sink are needed. In order to save water and energy while cleansing effectively, immerse the dish in water instead of applying the liquid directing on the dishes and respect the doses prescribed. Wash and rinse with clear water.

16.9 oz

Founded in 1856, Fer a Cheval still uses the same cauldron-based method following the recipe certified by Colbert's Edict in 1688 and consolidated by Napoleon Bonaparte's decree of 1812.