Food à Porter Three-Compartment Lunch Box by Sakura Adachi for Alessi

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Food à Porter Three-Compartment Lunch Box by Sakura Adachi for Alessi

$ 76.50 $ 85.00

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Food a Porter Lunch Box by Sakura Adachi for Alessi

Featured in the Wall Street Journal.

From the designer: 

“Travelling with a business bag gives you the freedom to carry food prepared at home, then eat it in the office, at the park or anywhere outside the home. “Food à Porter” is a lunch box that does not look like a lunch box. It was designed for those who are busy but do not want to forego the pleasure of taking a break with their favorite foods.

“Food à porter” has three compartments: two containers, separated and hermetically sealed by two lids and a third compartment that is created thanks to the rounded shape of the upper part, where snacks or packaged sweets can be stored. The lunch box can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the food to be transported. Removing the top cover increases the capacity of the central container, which can then accommodate, for example, sandwiches, fruit or yogurt. With “Food à porter” it’s possible to eat healthily wherever you are and whenever you want to take a break.”

5.25" Height (inch)
7.5" Length (inch)
4" Width (inch)

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Sakura Adachi is a product & furniture designer based in Milan. 

Sakura’s work is characterized by a combination of conceptual and craftsmanship approach. Many of her products are self-communicating, the story behind the concept and making the best and surprising use of characteristics of materials. In this project, Sakura Adachi is dealing with a concept very close to her, both for her eastern cultural background and for the process of pursuing the best form and function: her products often results in multi-functional, transformable, foldable or objects that require space saving solutions.

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