Frutta Blu Small Pitcher, 5" x 3.5" by Abbiamo Tutto

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Abbiamo Tutto
$ 40.95

Frutta Blu Small Pitcher, 5" x 3.5" by Abbiamo Tutto

Hand formed on a potter's wheel and hand-painted in Italy, the Frutta Blu, or Blue Fruit, collection from Abbiamo Tutto features colorful fruit with blue trim.

Measurements: 5" w, 3.5" h

Material: Ceramic

Handmade in Italy.

Dishwasher safe.

In the event this item is not in stock in our warehouses there is an estimated 2-3 week delivery.

In 2001, Donna Marie Territo started Abbiamo Tutto, whose name translates to "we have everything." This concept is a driving force for the company to develop diverse designs. Many of these are designed by Territo herself, often incorporating a bold and classic look. Based in Italy, the surrounding environments and cultures, are embodied not only in the brand's designs, but also manufacturing techniques. 

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