Furry Faux Fur Wine Bottle Cover by Evelyne Prelonge Paris

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Evelyne Prelonge
$ 145.00

What's cooler than a Faux Fur Wine Cozy from France?

Lined with an insulating fabric, these covers help keep your wine at the proper temperature. 

Removable and Washable. Wine not included.

Composition: : 80% Acrylic, 20% Polyester

In stock colors may vary; Delivery on out of stock items is generally 2-4 weeks

Evelyne Prelonge is a Paris-based haute couture designer specializing in faux fur.  The company manufactures for many major brands and is known for their quality and design.

Care Instructions:

Dry cleaning or machine wash if clients are careful :

  • Cold water (Wool or Cashmere program)
  • Few detergent and no softener
  • Minimum spinning
  • Drying outside of machine (air drying)
  • Shake when dry, you can brush a little if necessary.

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