When Objects Work Glass Vase, 11.8" by John Pawson

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When Objects Work Glass Vase, 11.8" by John Pawson

$ 335.00


  • Designed by John Pawson
  • Designed for the monks at the Abbey of Our Lady in the Czech Republic
  • 7.9" dia, x 11.8"
  • Bohemian Crystal

World-renowned for his reductive design, British architect and designer John Pawson created this dinnerware collection for the monks at the Abbey of Our Lady in the Czech Republic. Pawson's work is based in form and material, with little ornamentation. While other minimalist designs may feel cold, cumbersome, and even bleak, John Pawson creates true beauty in simplicity. A versatile choice for bucolic or contemporary dining rooms, these tasteful cream colored dinnerware sets don’t distract from the meal, rather giving it a lovely canvas on which to highlight the chef’s masterpieces. Pawson has earned a sterling reputation through his architectural work on the Czeck Republic’s Abbey of Our Lady of Nový Dvůr and Germany’s Wooden Chapel. Now you can enjoy his poignant genius at home, ideally with good food and good company.

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