No. 80 Gobbo Fratelli d'Italia Pocket Knife with Black Lucite Handle by Berti

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No. 80 Gobbo Fratelli d'Italia Pocket Knife with Black Lucite Handle by Berti

$ 166.00
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No. 80 Gobbo Fratelli d'Italia Pocket Knife with Black Lucite Handle by Berti

The No. 80 Gobbo Fratelli d'Italia Pocket & Desk Knife by Berti is from the Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d'Italia) Collection. This knife has a straight blade and curved handle. "Gobbo" means hunchback which gives this knife its name due to the handle shape. This regional knife comes from the Abruzzo region in central Italy, and was typically used by farmers or field workers. 

Regional knives are pocket knives that have a distinct style based on what region the knife comes from. There are 20 regions in Italy, and each region produces a different knife style.

Berti knives are handmade in Italy by skilled artisans with the technique used since 1895. The knives are forged out of stainless steel and are made with the highest craftsmanship. Berti artisans create knives with the integrity and authenticity that cannot result from mass production. The same craftsman that begins a knife takes it all the way through to completion.

Handle Material: Lucite, a high quality, trademarked acrylic resin

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Crafted with a Bolster Lining - This is a thick junction between the handle and the knife blade which provides a smooth transition from the blade to the handle. A bolster strengthens the knife, adds durability, and provides a counter-balance.

This knifes' blade was laser cut.

Total length: 6.7"
Blade length: 3.0"

    Hand wash only

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    Berti was founded as an artisan workshop by David Berti in 1895, and today, under the guidance of his great grandson Andrea, it continues its production in the Tuscan countryside, 25 miles north of Florence, Italy.

    The essence of the Berti family tradition since 1895 is this: the artisan that starts making a knife takes it right through to the finishing touches. There is no division of labor. Each knife is the finished work of a sole artisan, and it bears his, or her initials on the knife’s blade.

    Berti still uses the same manufacturing techniques and materials, ox horn, boxwood and steel, that have been used since 1895. Their intent is to make knives with integrity and authenticity that cannot result from industrialized production, while offering some of the finest cutting tools in the world. A Berti knife is an heirloom.

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