Gordon Ramsay Maze Light Grey 13" Oval Platter by Royal Doulton

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Royal Doulton
$ 50.00

Gordon Ramsay Maze Light Grey 13" Oval Platter by Royal Doulton

The Gordon Ramsay Maze collection is defined by modern, functional shapes each with a subtle glaze and this Oval Platter features the newest light grey color, marking the 10th Anniversary of this popular collaboration between Royal Doulton and the Michelin-starred chef. Inspired by the contemporary space and design of his London restaurants, the signature embossed concentric circles of the Maze collection draw the eye to focus attention on the cuisine.

Whether it be a holiday roast, and weekend brunch or weeknight take out, the Oval Platter 13" is crafted in stylish lightweight stoneware, and is perfectly designed for every day casual eating and get-togethers. With the new neutral glaze, and an assortment of other shades to play with, you can create a wonderful mix and match selection for a table top to suit your home decor and way of entertaining, inspired by the chef himself.

13.5" x 10"

    Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Stoneware.
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