Goto Vase or Tumbler by Gaetano Pesce for the Caffe Florian, Venice, 1995.

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Goto Vase or Tumbler by Gaetano Pesce for the Caffe Florian, Venice, 1995.

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The Goto Vase was designed by Gaetano Pesce for the Caffe Florian in Venice. 

The Caffe Florian was founded in 1720 and is considered the oldest coffee house in continuous operation in the world.  Pesce utilized this fact to present "Un vaso (goto?) per Venezia"- a tribute to the city in the form of a tumbler (goto).  The 'face' on the tumbler is that of a lion- an image of the Lion of Saint Mark, the symbol of Venice.

The vase on this page is a fairly early example, containing glitter flecks.
Purchase includes Temporanea Magazine which explains the piece and provides a translation for the writing in the design. 

About the Designer:
Gaetano Pesce is known for many things: architect, designer, political rabblerouser.  Pesce's primary material is resin and his focus as an artist and designer has been on Zen philosophy.  The art of here and now and the questions of how much is art interpretive and how much is art a product of the process of production.  Resin allowed Pesce to easily investigate form and another, perhaps more serious, question, "Production or Not Production."  Like one of the Zen lantern allegories, Pesce has focused on producing items that are individually unique but similar in form. Amusespot has represented Gaetano Pesce for over a 20 year period.

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