Indulgence Stainless Steel Champagne Sabre, 17.3" by Helle Damkjaer for Georg Jensen

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Indulgence Stainless Steel Champagne Sabre, 17.3" by Helle Damkjaer for Georg Jensen

$ 169.00

Festive and elegant, designer Helle Damkjær combined the joy of special occasions and the ease of everyday when designing Indulgence.

Hold a Champagne bottle at an angle of approximately 20 degrees and slide the blunt side (the back side) of the sabre along the body of the bottle toward the neck. As the blade hits the lip, the force of it breaks the glass and separates the collar and cork from the neck of the bottle. What a way mark a celebration!

The experienced sommelier can open a bottle with little loss of Champagne. However, we advise you to allow a small flow to wash away any loose shards of glass that may be adhering to the neck. The first glass poured should also be checked for small glass shards.

The blade is completely blunt - it it the impact of the sabre that opens the bottle, not the sharpness.

NOTE: Keep the sabre and decapitated bottles away from children and animals, handle bottles and shards with care and never drink from the bottle.

Material:  Mirror polished stainless steel

Measurements: L: 17.32 inches. √ė: 0.98 inches.

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About the Designer:
The Danish designer Helle Damkjær is a perfect example of how esteemed designers today work with 
many different categories of design. Her natural sense for timeless aesthetics has already resulted in successful collaborations with luxury brands in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Copenhagen. Helle Damkjær’s designs include home accessories, furniture, jewelry and items for international cosmetic brands. 


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