Jade Scented Candle by Muriel Ughetto

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Jade Scented Candle by Muriel Ughetto

$ 96.00
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Floral and woody notes, an opulent and mystical perfume...

The candles come in an elegant, lacquered glass jar covered by a beech wood lid which, once turned over, serves as a base. Light your candle for 2 to 3 hours to fully enjoy the fragrance. Cut the wick between each use.

Made with vegetable and mineral wax and a cotton wick. 

Available sizes:
4.9 oz.: 35 to 40 hour burn time.
9.9 oz.: 65 to 70 hour burn time.

Based on her concept of "Olfactory Polychromy," the collection by Muriel Ughetto is centered around semi-precious stones.  Muriel's designs incorporate beechwood and color in order to not only scent but accessorize your domain. The diffusers have a unique option: feathers that not only add a splash of color but also make the diffusers appear as a vase of flowers. 

Scents were made in France and produced along with experts in Grasse.

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