Jardin Citrus 8.5 oz Diffuser by Christian Tortu

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Christian Tortu
$ 104.00

Jardin Citrus 8.5 oz Diffuser by Christian Tortu

Fragrance your home with this decorative diffuser. Place the reeds inside the bottle and the scent will diffuse for approximately 4 months.


Reminiscent of the hills of southern France like Menton, Liguria in Italy, Portofino or Amalfi, even Andalusis and Morocco.  Notes of bergamot, pine, cedar, mint, orange blossom, citrus, juniper, cedrat, jasmine, citronelle and musk ignite the scent of Jardin Citrus.

Net Weight: 8.33 us fl. oz.

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Christian Tortu is a world-renown florist who mixes flowers, plants, and vegetables to create unique and stunning arrangements. His arrangements have been featured at the Cannes Film Festival as well as Chanel, Dior, and Valentino fashion shows. All of his products are inspired by the purity and wilderness of nature.