Jaspe Natural Bristle Bath Brush, 12" by Koh-I-Noor Italy

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Jaspe Natural Bristle Bath Brush, 12" by Koh-I-Noor Italy

$ 88.95

Jaspe Natural Bristle Bath Brush by Koh-I-Noor Italy

The Jaspe Natural Bristle Shower Back Brush offers a long handle so you can clean those hard to reach spots on your back.  Additionally, this natural bristle brush will exfoliate your skin and leave your back side nice and clean.  The brush handle is made of cellulose acetate and has the faux tortoiseshell finish.

Handmade in Italy with a 3 Year Warranty.
Our personal koh-i-noor bath brush has lasted over 20 years...

Koh-I-Noor makes some of the finest brushes and personal care products in the world.  Still traditionally made by hand in Italy, the firm is one of the few who still uses natural bristles (such as boar and badger) in their products.

The Jaspe series of brushes uses tortoiseshell colored plastic handles.  

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Koh-I-Noor, originally known as B√ľrstenfabrik Gr√ľneberg, was established in 1832 in Bratislava, Slovakia as a manufacturer of toothbrushes. The name was changed in the 1920s to it‚Äôs current name. In 1942 when the Russians invaded Slovakia, the Gr√ľneberg Family sold Koh-I-Noor technology and intellectual properties to Carlo Scavini who moved everything to Tredate, Italy. Since then, the Scavini family expanded the product offerings to include personal care products such as hair brushes, comb and shaving brushes.


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