Kivita Coasters, set of 2 by ANNA New York

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Combining luxurious natural stone with gold or silver, these coasters are the height of elegant tabletop décor. Designed to match the popular Kiva platters, the coasters can be mixed-and-matched as well!

Master craftsmen in Brazil hand polish the rare stones, and contour their natural edges with precious metals. 

Assembled in the United States.

Dimensions (sizes will vary): 4.5" diameter.

Designer Anna Rabinowicz launched her first home collection for Anna New York in 2002, creating objects inspired by nature which fuse ancient, precious materials with cutting-edge design. She uses a luxurious palette of materials, layering semiprecious gems including agate and crystal with the finishing touches of pure gold and sterling silver.

$ 150.00
Crystal & Silver
Rose Quartz & Silver
Emerald Quartz & Silver
Crystal & Gold
Rose Quartz & Gold
Zebra Jade & Silver
Zebra Jasper & Silver
Zebra Jasper & Gold
Indigo & Silver
Snowy Turquoise & Silver
Snowy Turquoise & Gold
Crystal & Rose Gold
Rose Quartz & Rose Gold
Honey Crystal & Gold
Pure Emerald & Gold
Tangerine & Gold