Lata Art Glass Vase from the Heroine Collection, 16.9" by KateŇôina Handlov√°

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Lata Art Glass Vase from the Heroine Collection, 16.9" by KateŇôina Handlov√°

$ 2,095.00

Designed by KateŇôina Handlov√°, the Heroine Collection¬†was inspired by notable Women and focuses on the legacy of Ruckl Glassworks of the Czech Republic, founded in 1846. Many of the carving patterns are unique and are some of the best examples since the work of Carlo Scarpa for Venini.¬†

The captivating, pink-bodied vase with bright leather straps pays tribute to the only woman who has ever won the Grand Pardubice Steeplechase so far. She is LATA Brandisov√°, a Countess from an old Tyrolean noble family settled in Bohemia since the 19th century. Although her presence was not entirely welcome in what was until then a purely male sporting affair, Lata stood her ground and fought her way to a historic victory, two second places and one bronze. Her zest for life and courage is inspiring to this day. The leather straps are removable.

 Beautiful and functional.

  • Handmade, Hand Cut and Hand Decorated/Polished.
  • Lead-free glass. Hand wash only.
  • 16.9"
  • Other¬†vases from the Hero.ine Collection¬†are¬†available here.
  • This vase is generally made to order.

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About the Designer:
As one of the first collections by designer KateŇôina Handlov√° in her position as art director of R√ľckl, the¬†Hero.ine collection is a confident demonstration of the possibilities of working with traditional cut crystal in a modern way, but with reference to its historical heritage. The collection reflects her interest in exploring her own visual language within the R√ľckl brand, where she builds on previous collections, as well as in cut glass technique and technology, which has remained virtually unchanged over the last few centuries. She focuses on haptics, the contrast between matte and polished surfaces and the fragility and strength of glass.

About the Company:
Ruckl, located in the Czech Republic, was founded in 1846.  Czech glass has been known for its artistic and often daring approach to the medium for centuries. Equally adept at form and decor, Mr. Plesl's works for Ruckl are engaging, beautiful and functional.  We are honored to be able to bring Ruckl to your home.


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