Limelight 9" Pitcher by Göran Wärff for Kosta Boda

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Kosta Boda
$ 100.00

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Limelight 9" Pitcher by Göran Wärff for Kosta Boda

The Limelight collection plays with shape, texture, and light in a simple yet elegant manner. The base of each piece has a pattern that catches light and reflects it inward. Because optical effect is one of the inspirations of Göran Wärff, this collection is formed in such a way that plays with how the eye sees light. The shapes within the collection add ease and grip to each product, making the home décor and glassware easy to hold and maneuver. 

Material(s): Glass

Measurements: H: 9.62" x W: 4.75"

Dishwasher Safe

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Few, if any, have such a deep feeling for the glass melt as Göran Wärff, who has always shown special interest in preserving the traditional skills of the master craftsmen in glassblowing and glass cutting. The play of light within the clear volume of the glass and the endless optical phenomena that occur as the glass diffracts the light are a recurring theme in Göran Wärff’s art and design work. Nature and the play of light in nature are his other main sources of inspiration, beyond the glass itself.