French Linen Raw and Natural Dish Towels, Set of 2 by Thieffry Freres & Cie

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Thieffry Freres & Cie
$ 59.95

French Linen Dish Towels, Set of 2 by Thieffry Freres & Cie

Produced by a French firm dating to 1837, these linen dish towels are made from flax harvested from the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

Available 3 ways:

  • Set of 2 solid natural
  • Set of 2 with one Black striped and one Natural
  • Set of 2 with one White striped and one Natural

Striped towel: 27" L x 21.5" W
Natural towel: 25.75" L x 18.25" W

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The special qualities of linen are

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-moth- you can pass on the fabric as an heirloom
  • Antiseptic – Linen has been used to cover wounds; resistant to bacteria and fungus
  • No lint – wipes glassware with no streak
  • Linen should be rolled when stored as it will memorize a crease
  • The tensile of linen fabric three times stronger than cotton; three times stronger than wool
  • Non-static
  • The more linen is washed, the softer it becomes.
  • Natural silica in flax fiber protects linen against rotting…that it why mummies that were wrapped in linen are still protected by their covering
  • Linen is 40 times more absorbent than cotton and dries faster.
  • It takes 1/5 the energy and water to cultivate and process flax into linen fabric.