Unglazed Mortar & Pestle 4"-8.5" by Milton Brook Potteries

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A classic and durable mortar & pestle manufactured for over 100 years, the Milton Brook Pottery utilizes vitrified electrical porcelain. We have found that a proper mortar & pestle is a game changer in the kitchen, with everything from freshly ground pepper to ground mixtures of herbs and spices adding a flair of flavor to dishes.

Available in a number of sizes, the Milton Brook is oven, dishwasher and freezer proof.

We would suggest handwashing the pestles.

4"; 5 Ounces.
4.5"; 7 Ounces.
5"; 8 Ounces.
6"; 12 Ounces.
6.5"; 1 Pint
8.5"; 2 Pints

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$ 34.99