Mother of Pearl Pink Sculpture by Åsa Jungnelius for Kosta Boda

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Mother of Pearl Pink Sculpture by Åsa Jungnelius for Kosta Boda

$ 500.00
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From the Mother of Pearl Collection...

Now Åsa Jungnelius’ classic sculpture Mother of Pearl is available as a smaller object in the Kosta Boda Artist Collection. Mother of Pearl is uniquely shaped in hot glass and the color is poured into the scoop. The pattern is created individually by the mold. The crystal-clear pearl is hand-sculpted and the pieces are joined with heat in the hotshop at Kosta Glassworks.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: 6.9"W X 4.5"H
  • Care: Hand wash recommended

About the Designer:

Åsa Jungnelius was born in Stockholm and has been retained by Kosta Boda as a designer since 2007. She is fascinated by the way the value of an object is created and what it conveys about us and our world. She is continually challenging the establishment by questioning the structural norms of society. The resulting creations are razor sharp comments. Åsa Jungnelius art spans a wide spectrum, covering issues such as aesthetic hierarchies, fashion, shopping, decadence and construction of gender. References that are all clearly expressed in the collections Jackie and Make Up.

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