Mushroom Canister, Medium, 40 oz. REPLACEMENT BASE ONLY by Bordallo Pinheiro

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Mushroom Canister, Medium, 40 oz. REPLACEMENT BASE ONLY by Bordallo Pinheiro

$ 50.00

REPLACEMENT BASE for Canister from the Mushroom series by Bordallo Pinheiro

Base measures approx 4.25" high.

This item is generally available for quick shipment.
Items shown only in the pdf catalog link below are special order with an expected 6-8 week delivery time. 

Additional Mushroom Canisters for Quick Shipment are available here.

The Bordallo Pinhiero brand is here.

Fábrica Bordallo Pinheiro is a Portuguese company specializing in ceramics since 1884. Specializing in the brightly colored form and imagery of faience ware, work from Pinheiro has been the recipient of awards and is in private and museum collections. 

- Microwave resistance 
All products may be used in the microwave oven, for heating, except those that have metal or wooden attachments. Products must not be empty during the heating process. 
Always use a handle or an appropriate glove when removing heated earthenware pieces from the microwave.

- Dishwasher resistance 
Products can go in the dishwasher, but the user should avoid that they are left in the equipment for long periods of time, after the cycle, as the generated steam can be harmful to the pieces.

- Conventional oven resistance 
We strongly recommend that the pieces don’t go in the conventional oven.

- Thermal shock resistance 
Bordallo Pinheiro’s pieces are not resistant to a great thermic variation. The user should avoid putting hot pieces in cold places or in contact with cold water.

loc BP65018636 G0222A


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