Nature Deep Plate, 11" by Thomas

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$ 56.00

Nature Deep Plate by Thomas and Rosenthal.

Uniting functionality and authenticity, the Nature by Thomas collection is rustic yet high-quality stoneware, lending genuine character to the pieces with a hand-made look. All of the Nature items are hand glazed giving each piece an individual appearance. The natural color spectrum used for Nature, Sand, Water and Leaf, bring the love of nature to the table fashionably and beautifully.

Nature is manufactured using high-quality stoneware. As the base material, different kinds of clay are used, with a percentage of iron oxide. In addition, the stoneware also contains quartz and feldspar. The color glazing, too, is based on pure, natural pigments without the addition of any suspending agents or chemical supplements.

Dimensions: 11"

Material: Stoneware

Colors: Sand, Coral, Water and Leaf

Care: Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

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