OH Ring Pen by Larry Laske for Acme Studio

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OH Ring Pen by Larry Laske for Acme Studio

$ 39.00
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"Pens may have a rubber area located near the pen tip, for gripping/comfort. but it is generally fixed. I wanted to create an adjustable area, where the user can adjust the gripping/comfort area, as they desire, and also change it just as quickly. The o-rings not only provide the adjustability, but also a slightly whimsical, game like relief for restlessness, nervousness or impatience.

At first it may look like a textured rubber sleeve, but then the discovery is in the fact that the rubber area is comprised of several o-rings, which are adjustable to numerous configuration, satisfying each individual users grip and comfort, as each user has a very personal way to grip a pen. I wanted to create a serious looking pen, while adding a discovery, which is where the name Oh-Ring came in to play."

LARRY LASKE was Born in Chicago, Illinois on March 18, 1963. Larry Laske has won several national and international awards. His collection of tables "Toothpick" and "Saguaro" are produced by Knoll. His appetite for the whimsical and the unexpected can also be seen in his collaborations with famed designers: Ettore Sottsass, Emilio Ambasz, Philippe Starck, and Ingo Maurer. Recipient of the Hallmark Honor Prize in 1980. Recipient of scholarships at both Northern Illinois University, Dekalb Illinois and University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, where he received his B.F.A. Industrial Design. In 1986 traveled to DomusAcademy (Milan, Italy) for post-graduate studies in “ Scenografia Urbana (urban scenograohy) under Andrea Branzi, graduating with a Masters of Design. In 1987, collaborated with Ettore Sottsass (Sottsass Associati) in Milan.

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