Outdoorsman Cream by Super Salve Co.

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Outdoorsman Cream by Super Salve Co.

$ 10.50
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Outdoorsman cream was created for outdoor enthusiasts to protect their skin from the dry, harsh environments. 

  • helps with chafing
  • good for dry, cracked hands
  • relief from sunburn
  • 1.75 or 6 oz. plastic container
  • contains organic calendula flower- traditionally used to fight bacteria and relieve inflammation.

Ingredients: Purified mountain rainwater, organic calendula oil, olive oil, beeswax, zinc oxide, shea butter, cocoa butter, pure essential oils of lavender and chamomile, glucose oxidase, and enzyme lactoperoxidase. 

Founded by Denise Tracy, The Super Salve Company began as a quest to find something to prevent and fight foot fungus on Colorado River Guides. Located in New Mexico, the Super Salve Co.'s selection has expanded to include lip balms, arnica, sun salve, and mimosa blossom dream cream (Kylie Jenner's favorite).

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