P8126 Roller Ball Refill by Acme Studio

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Acme Studio
$ 6.00

ACME Studio's 8126 Refill, comes in black ink. It is packaged in a sealed plastic sleeve.

These refills are compatible with:

• PACME2RR "Number 2"
• All "Crayon" Pens
• P2AP02R "Fountain"
• P2AO54RR "Ogma"
• P2MAG01R "Cooler"
• All "Phase 3" Pens
• P4BH03 "Ray Gun"
• P4MT01 "Classico"
• P4Z02W "Talisman"
• P2P01R "P2-U", P2P02R "P2-C" •

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