Pink 7 oz Krakatit Tumbler, Set of 2 by Rony Plesl for Ruckl

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Pink 7 oz Krakatit Tumbler, Set of 2 by Rony Plesl for Ruckl

Part of Rony Plesl's Pink and Krakatit Collections.

Clear night sky exploding with bright stars that guide Czech glass making from time immemorial. A tribute to people who touch glass to transform it into beauty. An homage to Karel Čapek, a writer who explored the darkness to find light.

Best known for his play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), Karel Čapek is widely considered the greatest Czech author of the early twentieth century. Born in 1890 in the Czech Republic, Čapek struggled with a spinal disease that caused him to dive into writing. He studied philosophy and became a journalist, novelist, short-story writer, playwright, and essayist. He played a dissident role during the period of fascist buildup in Europe between World Wars. Čapek died of pneumonia in 1938. 

Čapek had multiple series of works, one of his most popular is called the “black utopias,” which showed how scientific discoveries and technological progress tempt man into rebellions. This series of works opened the door to robots, technological take over, and rebellion against the machine. Čapek invented the word “robot,” deriving it from the Czech word for forced labor, which opened up a whole new world of Science Fiction.

All of Čapek’s works had undertones of philosophical inquiries and concept exploration, applying ideology into his stories. Krakatit, part of the “black utopias” series, is a novel about the risks and the abuse of science for human gain. The hero is a chemist who was able to produce exceptionally powerful explosives. The explosives in the novel are called "Krakatit", after the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa, because it erupts seemingly without cause.

Handmade, Hand Cut and Hand Decorated.

Lead-free glass. Hand wash only.

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Rony Plesl

Rony Plesl is a designer and a sculptor. During his career, he has experimented with several forms of fine arts using glass and other materials. His works include sculptures, individual works of applied arts, decorative items, as well as industrially produced glassware. Plesl combines a wide range of various influences and principles, intertwined and mingled in numerous forms of his artwork. His love for Italy and history of art go hand in glove with his interest in glass as a material, its structure, visual qualities, and epic stories enshrined therein.

Ruckl, located in the Czech Republic, was founded in 1846.  Czech glass has been known for its artistic and often daring approach to the medium for centuries. Equally adept at form and decor, Mr. Plesl's works for Ruckl are engaging, beautiful and functional.  We are honored to be able to bring Ruckl to your home.